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OpenCaster 3.2.2: the free digital tv software

Logo OpencasterOpenCaster is a free and open source MPEG2 transport stream data generator and packet manipulator.

The best way to get it always updated and ready to go (compiled) is through the Debian repository!

The source code of OpenCaster is 3.2.2 is available here. The tutorials are in a separated package, actually.

The public manual is 3.0 and  available here: manual

See Changes in the package for new stuff or corrected.

In the new 3.2 features there's:

  • integration with Hides Avalpa USB DVB-T device bundle
  • ATSC support tables for EIT/ETT (and TVCT MGT)
  • support for python 2.6 and Debian 7.0
  • many bug fixes

The 3.1 features include:

  • initial support for DTS audio
  • support for python 2.6 and Debian 6.0
  • example of conversion from .srt to teletext subtitles
  • SIT table added


The 3.0 features include:

  • initial support for h264 (check manual for x264 example, file join not supported)
  • udp transport streams remultiplexing (input and ouput must be multicast ts over udp)
  • m2ts conversion tools
  • 24fps support
  • DST automatic management example
Opencaster demo roll..

Big Buck Bunny DVDAs we have been asked by many to provide some sample stream featuring all the bell and whistles of an OpenCaster based environment, here we are distributing such a test set.

OpenCasterDemo is a transport stream for digital television generated by Avalpa's OpenCaster, it features, apart the usuale SI info, a MPTS with audio/video services and some value added metadata, the file is almost 1GB

  • one service with an example MHP application,
  • one service with HD H264 24p  and DD 5.1 audio
  • one service with HbbTv remote application signal
  • one service with  MHEG application
  • one service with 4 teletext demo pages
  • one service with sd h264
  • EPG P/F for all the services
  • Logical Channel Numbering
  • Time information