IT9517 Evaluation board distributor

ITE EVB for IT9517We'd like to proudly present you next generation of ITE disruptive ASICs for COFDM modulation. The new chip is IT9517 is also known as Eagle2. The chip follows up the IT9507 Eagle model (DVB-T only) and adds to the table the ISDB-T modulation scheme.

In the picture the IT9517 evaluation board ready for distribution and tests. Practically speaking, the board can be driven in two ways: I2C/TS for embedded test or through USB.

Avalpa is introducing IT9517 Evaluation boards in the Italian and European markets so feel free to get in touch with us on the dedicated web forum (or by mail for confidentiality) for evaluating interesting use cases for these little rascals! An impressive flood of digital television consumer solutions are coming.