Consultancy and training

Need to streamline new digital opportunities?

Let get it straight: this digital technology revolution is daily "impacting" every business, as an opportunity or as a threat (if unmanaged). Sometime we have the feeling that we are not exploiting it completely. No one, alone, can cope with such a frenzyness; Avalpa will help you find the clue!

Avalpa is focused on digital television technology, mainly the one based on DVB and IP.

We are committed to stay on the bleeding edge of this environment and we struggle everyday to master the technology, study the solutions available and eventually implement what we think we could do better following our mantras.

We offer technical expertise to customers who want to focus on their business and find a partner who can suggest best of breed technology and use cases useful to improve their actual business or expand on new ones.

We will listen your questions, understand your market position, evaluate your value proposition and suggest the best ways to leverage the digital revolution doing a complete, useful and practical paperwork for you.

If you want to re-qualify you workforce, we too can train your staff or managers focusing on:

  • the general scenario, as we see it,
  • the technologies we master, both free (as freedom) and proprietary
  • the opportunities that you can catch

this way, we'll speed up your introduction to this new market.

The basic courses are:

  • Digital television the technical and commercial basics (MPEG, DVB, ...)
  • Inside Interactive TV services and technologies
  • Next generation broadcasting