Avalpa products for broadcasting

Many broadcasters are already digital with the basic technology deployment: a DVB mux with video services packed together and a name sticked on it, thanks to a single Avalpa Broadcast Server rack solution is now possible to improve your digital mux services with:

  • Electronic program guide, to present a detailed schedule Avalpa EPGof next events in your tv network, so people could know in advance what to expect on tv (user manual). You can test it online!
  • Mhp - Mheg5 - HbbTv - Ginga  server, enabling your tv network to interactivity. You can easily distribute interactive advertisement, OTT VOD launcher, games, music, services of the Public Administration and voting games. These could be very compelling for your audience.
  • Teletext, the plain good old system for news datacasting!
  • Logical channel numbering, to get a number on the customer remote control, and avoid be buried in the "800 something.."
  • DVB-SSU OTA carousel, to allow set-top-box and tv manufacturers to upgrade their equipment
  • DataCarousel, and you'll squeeze all the value of your spare bandwidth from new customers like banks, retail chains and so on, for their corporate services.
  • Integration of locally playout of pre-encoded MPEG2/h264 video and audio for non-live services
  • new re-multiplexing functions can now avoid additional hardware costs for your head end , ask us for more details


Avalpa Broadcast Server will allow also suits hospitality services with DVB-C, DVB-T, DVB-S and IPTV network for VOD or linear playout services.

Avalpa people are also ready to provide professional services for:

  • Analyze your current network setup to avoid pitfalls and optimize you head end performance
  • Develop advanced tv application like Mosaic or OTT VOD both on MHP technology or down to the bare metal

Contact Avalpa sales office, writing to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or calling the +390514187531 .

Download manuals here and here.