Powerful and simple digital television
Avalpa really believes that television can become useful again..

Yes, we already know that tv viewing is an addictive experience and too many people are spending the most of their life in front of a tv set (by the way, the bigger, the better..) and that's not something that will simply fade away. So we need to shake a bit the product inside!

Because tv is an user centered experience. The human being struggles to make her day without hassles and sneaking tv programs is one of the preferred answers.

Generally speaking, Tv is a good medium to stay informed and have fun: two of the most important basic activities anyone wants to do every day. (actually you can't be fed by a tv, sitting in front of it..)

The worst drawback is that this medium today doesn't offer choice, doesn't innovate, doesn't improve quality.

Better said, it does offer less then "internet", and so today there's competition for the people eyeballs, and revenues are decreasing.

But "internet" is too a cumbersome experience, "internet", as we know it, is anarchy and it will stay that way by design.

So we want to open a newer tv season: same easyness, same user experience, more contents, more quality, more services, lower entry barriers, lower investments..

That's not easy. But we have lots of ideas, and some winning aces.

Digital revolution, in "internet", has been all about community and free software. Let's bring those concepts in the digital tv market!