Power & Control

Power and control are two features you'll never enjoy completely when they don't come together.

To have the former and not the latter is like run on a fast Ferrari (TM) on the passenger seat. You never know if the driver lives up to the specs!

The viceversa is neither so good. It's like try to run a startup with only some Monopoly (TM) skills and money. You know all of the theory but you are completely missing the real thing. What a nightmare!

Of course you can't always max out both power and control so you'll need to make a trade off BUT, at least in ICT, things are improving a lot.

With free (as freedom) software, you always get control and every day you get more power you can count on.

But beware, mastering such stuff needs lot of skills technical and psycological, so, please, never believe that free software does mean free lunch!