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Introduction to Avalpa

Television is going digital. We have the mission to improve it, with advanced, better, simpler, more dynamic technologies in a free software sauce. Avalpa is the next step..

Powerful and simple digital television
Avalpa really believes that television can become useful again..

Yes, we already know that tv viewing is an addictive experience and too many people are spending the most of their life in front of a tv set (by the way, the bigger, the better..) and that's not something that will simply fade away. So we need to shake a bit the product inside!

Embrace the shift

If there's something hard learned in ICT, is that everything is changing night and day: new technologies, new people, new ideas, new stuff, always cheaper and more pervasive then before.

At Avalpa, we bet that we'll survive only if we'll embrace a changing mood. Maybe we'll face tough times but if we keep in mind that there's no safe harbour, we'll find the energy to keep floating.

If everything's under control..

..you're just not going fast enough!

This renowned Mario Andretti motto well gives the feeling of the fast paced times in this digital convergence age.


Avalpa Digital Engineering srl P.IVA 02831521204

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