back from Devcon 2014

Andrea presentingThe last Ebu Devcon2014 has been really an interesting experience.

Lot's of great guys to talk with and something hot starting from this brainstorming. We are going to see some real stuff out of this, like a HbbTv playout ready to go in a click thanks to Vagrant or similar tools.

Testing and demoing Hbbtv apps has never been so easy!!

Thanks again to Ebu folks for their great hoting. I hope we'll meet again somewhere in Europe.

If you are looking for more feedback on this venue, have a look here at the relevant Twitter feed.

Slashdotted, more or less..

video wallIt seems this Interactive tv is getting frequently on mainstream news, this time from the security point of view..  and OpenCaster is THE key tool there too! ADAPTABILITY, that's what open source and free software is all about.

As more and more sold tv sets are Smart TV and being CONNECTED to the net, they are becoming potential point of attack for exploit. At next Usenix 2014, later in August, the Columbia Network Security Lab is presenting a paper where they show theory and practice of attack surfaces of the connected tv. And Opencaster is key tool for the practice chapter, of course.

The news got on Slashdot too..


Support Forum opening

September 2013: after the great response related to the new Avalpa/Hides product, the USB DVB-T dongle bundle, we are opening a support forum as th main way to give interested people a place where speak freely, exchange questions (and answers) in a more free flow.

Enjoy and slash that creativity about smart tv apps.


Avalpa at Smau 2011

Logo SmauAvalpa has been attending Smau 2011 in Milan from 19 to 21 of October, thanks to Regione Emilia Romagna for this kind invitation.

At the Milan Fair, we presented our portfolio of digital television solutions that's steadily growing. OpenCaster and Avalpa-J, the Java middleware for STB: they are fully fledge workhorses for a powerful and accountable complete platform for interactive digital tv. At this event we discloseed our Pay solution soon to be released.


DvbWorld 2010 presentation

Andrea speaking an DvbWorldAs we told you some time ago, Avalpa people gave a talk at last DvbWorld 2010. It was quite a rewarding moment after all the efforts of the last 6 years. Thank to the committe people for the invitation.

Here there's the presentation. I hope you'll enjoy it: beware, you'll find some spicy words.. i did want people in the audience to stay awake, and after the lunch it's always a difficult task! ;-)


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