Q: If your software is free, how can you do business with it?

A: We like to believe that we are adding value to it. Today we are seeing which are the key values in the free (as freedom) software world. it's both powerful and controllable, by every party involved, the customer too.

Power and control are two really recognized values so everyone and they could be enough IF AND ONLY IF using this software would be AS EASY AS a shrink-wrapped application BUT it's simply not possible for digital tv solutions. It's a complex environment that need quality of service and reliability too.

Customers like broadcasters are looking for solutions to their problems and new services to become (more) profitable still remaining focused on their core business (content production and ads selling), so we think they will be very keen to someone doing for them the dirty work to understand and propose new technologies made easy in a lock-in-free mode.

This will not come gratis for sure, but it will be sustainable!

By the way, we are not inventing anything new here, many companies are doing well on the internet services market because of free software. We are just adopting this business model on the digital tv market. It's good for us (we have to stay healthy and competitive) and it's good for you too (you get no lock-in and good rates because otherwise you could choose other vendors)