Q: If you are an Italian company, why are you writing an english web site?

A: We like to believe we are starting a global business, and we have already proven it, running a global community based on Cineca free software projects. So we want as soon as possible try to reach and explain our value proposition to the broadest potential target for our services.

Q: I have already heard of Andrea Venturi, who's this guy?

A: Andrea Venturi is a long time free software enthusiast but he has been also a people working for more then ten year in a company, striving to promote free software for business and understanding the subtle dynamics of the communities and of the potential customers when you are trying to involve them in so "difficult to get" economics.


Q: Is internet going to obsolete TV at all?

A: We really don't think so, for many reasons.

But we need to clarify in advance a common misunderstand: tv and internet are usually intended each one as both a service and a network.

Digital convergence means that, in a short-medium term, all the four combinations would be teorically possible, but..

Q: If your software is free, how can you do business with it?

A: We like to believe that we are adding value to it. Today we are seeing which are the key values in the free (as freedom) software world. it's both powerful and controllable, by every party involved, the customer too.

Q: We are an ICT company and we'd like to adopt your software, can we do it?

A: Yes of course, free software is free for us and for you too. We think that the adoption of this free software and the value creation on top of it (feature, functionality and services like installation, documentation, server mainteinance, bug fixing and so on) are going to help us for many reasons.