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21. Avalpa is born
(News/Avalpa announce)
... as before, based on full control, shared innovation, community commitment, short time to market and customer care. We hope that this new presence in the television market will be seen as a vitality sign ...
22. Embrace the shift
(About Avalpa/Mantra)
... bet that we'll survive only if we'll embrace a changing mood. Maybe we'll face tough times but if we keep in mind that there's no safe harbour, we'll find the energy to keep floating. The big dilemma is ...
23. If everything's under control..
(About Avalpa/Mantra)'re just not going fast enough! This renowned Mario Andretti motto well gives the feeling of the fast paced times in this digital convergence age. At Avalpa, we struggle to keep ourselves up to date ...
24. Twenty / Eighty
(About Avalpa/Mantra)
Twenty / Eighty is a pervasive concept. It's both about time to market and solution for the masses.. If you need to accomplish quickly some task, you'll need to focus on the core of the problem. For example, ...
25. Keep it simple, stupid!
(About Avalpa/Mantra)
Keep it simple stays for "don't complicate things if it's not necessary". Here at Avalpa, we have a long and successful experience in project management and we always find, at wrap-up time, that every ...
26. Consultancy and training
(Products and services/Avalpa answers)
Need to streamline new digital opportunities? Let get it straight: this digital technology revolution is daily "impacting" every business, as an opportunity or as a threat (if unmanaged). Sometime we ...