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1. Slashdotted, more or less..
(News/Press & Media)
... Network Security Lab is presenting a paper where they show theory and practice of attack surfaces of the connected tv. And Opencaster is key tool for the practice chapter, of course. The news got on ...
2. Testimonials
(Customers, partners and testimonials/Customers)
... region; they found OpenCaster asĀ  reliable and customizable PSI/SI table generator for feeding the network with the right tables for simplify usability and autoconfiguration on subscriber boxes. (September ...
3. Avalpa products for broadcasting
(Products and services/Avalpa answers)
... is now possible to improve your digital mux services with: Electronic program guide, to present a detailed schedule of next events in your tv network, so people could know in advance what to expect ...
A: We really don't think so, for many reasons. But we need to clarify in advance a common misunderstand: tv and internet are usually intended each one as both a service and a network. Digital convergence ...