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1. MHEG applications
(Products and services/Avalpa answers)
MHEG-5, the UK standard for interactive digital tv is well spread in many places of the world. Lot's of tv sets and decoder are compliant with such a robust and powerful technology; the latest features ...
2. OpenCaster bundle with USB modulator card
(Products and services/Avalpa answers)
... following the thorough manual; Hbbtv, MHP and MHEG5. With less then 200$ (and way less EURO!!), you can purchase the OpenCaster BUNDLE Dongle here. These are all the goodies you'll get with this purchase: ...
3. Opencaster demo roll..
(Technologies/Free software)
... with an example MHP application, one service with HD H264 24p  and DD 5.1 audio one service with HbbTv remote application signal one service with  MHEG application one service with 4 teletext ...
4. Avalpa at R2B 2012 fair in Bologna
(News/Avalpa announce)
... we know what we say! :-) . OpenCaster is becoming the fully fledge workhorse for the powerful and accountable complete platform for interactive digital tv (be it MHP or MHEG or HbbTV). We'll be pleased ...
5. Avalpa @LSM 2012 in Geneva
(News/Avalpa announce)
... MHP or MHEG or HbbTV). We'd be very happy to meet you there, both for "business" meeting or for having some good time with old friends and new ones too. Write me at a.venturi (at) or phone ...
6. Avalpa products for broadcasting
(Products and services/Avalpa answers)
... on tv (user manual). You can test it online! Mhp - Mheg5 - HbbTv - Ginga  server, enabling your tv network to interactivity. You can easily distribute interactive advertisement, OTT VOD launcher, games, ...
7. OpenCaster 3.2.2: the free digital tv software
(Technologies/Free software)
...  manipulate real time TS stored on hard disk. transform filesystems in DSMCC carousels (MHP, MHEG, OTA) generate many other data streams carried on a TS; almost everything but audio and video, that's ...