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1. IT9517 Evaluation board distributor
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... test or through USB. Avalpa is introducing IT9517 Evaluation boards in the Italian and European markets so feel free to get in touch with us on the dedicated web forum (or by mail for confidentiality) ...
Avalpa Digital Engineering has been selected in the final Italian pool for the 2009 Global Dell Small Business Excellence Award competition. We like to believe that we have been chosen not only for our ...
3. Testimonials
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... businesses that apply technology in innovative ways to improve the customer experience and grow. Avalpa has been selected as one of the ten italian finalists for the 2009 edition. Lorenzo ...
4. Customers list
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... consortium in Italy Ericsson enables digital comunications through the widest range of advanced solutions and devices Infn is one of the leading italian research institute The ...
5. Avalpa Tv Apps
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Avalpa has a long history of TV apps development! You can grasp the compact brochure in english (or italian). Here follows some examples from different contexts:   Classical weather information: the ...
... explain our value proposition to the broadest potential target for our services. Of course, we would be very glad to find italian customers, and we are already actively looking for them. If you want to ...
7. Avalpa is born
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... of the Italian creativity, of the small medium enterprise segment. Check on the Contact page for the right people to contact to ask for more information.  ...
8. Digital Sat NewsFeed (italian)
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9. Italian Ministry of Comunication (italian)
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10. Key4Biz newsletter (italian)
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11. Manuale Pratico DTT (italian)
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