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1. Slashdotted, more or less..
(News/Press & Media)
It seems this Interactive tv is getting frequently on mainstream news, this time from the security point of view..  and OpenCaster is THE key tool there too! ADAPTABILITY, that's what open source and free ...
2. MHEG applications
(Products and services/Avalpa answers)
MHEG-5, the UK standard for interactive digital tv is well spread in many places of the world. Lot's of tv sets and decoder are compliant with such a robust and powerful technology; the latest features ...
3. OpenCaster bundle with USB modulator card
(Products and services/Avalpa answers)
Finally, in 2013, playing with interactive digital television has become suitable for ALL the budgets. simply BREAKTHROUGH!! With less then 200$ (and way less EURO!!), you can purchase the OpenCaster ...
4. Avalpa at Smau 2011
(News/Avalpa announce)
... that's steadily growing. OpenCaster and Avalpa-J, the Java middleware for STB: they are fully fledge workhorses for a powerful and accountable complete platform for interactive digital tv. At this event ...
5. Avalpa at R2B 2012 fair in Bologna
(News/Avalpa announce)
... we know what we say! :-) . OpenCaster is becoming the fully fledge workhorse for the powerful and accountable complete platform for interactive digital tv (be it MHP or MHEG or HbbTV). We'll be pleased ...
6. Avalpa @LSM 2012 in Geneva
(News/Avalpa announce)
Next month, we are presenting our open source proposition for interactive digital tv at LSM2012 event in Geneva, running from 7 to 12 of July 2012. The large event at 13th edition is expecially focused ...
7. Avalpa @LSM 2012 the wrap up..
(News/Avalpa announce)
The last 11 July we presented our open source proposition for interactive digital tv at LSM2012 event in Geneva. That large event at 13th edition was especially focused on open source & digital media ...
8. Avalpa @EBU DevCon 2014 in Geneva
(News/Avalpa announce)
Next week, we are going to present our open source proposition for interactive digital tv at EBU  DevCon 2014 event in Geneva, running from 30 September to 1st of October 2014. EBU is the European union ...
... technological all around solutions for interactive digital television like OpenCaster and Jet the Java based middleware but also for the innovative business model based on open source and free software ...
10. Avalpa at free software conference
(News/Avalpa announce)
... can grab this software and try to make a interactive digital tv channel in a box. Then, if you don't know how to  work out your solution, let's help you; call us! that's our clear and simple business model: ...
11. OpenCaster goes in Colombia
(News/Press & Media)
It's not that long that Colombia decided to go DVB-T for their digital television switch-over. These days, they are of course evaluating all the exciting features of digital television and interactive ...
12. Testimonials
(Customers, partners and testimonials/Customers)
... the official blog of the MHP project made a news about T-islessia, an outstanding interactive television service made by Venturi and Pallara between 2004 and 2007: "T-islessia is a healthcare/social service ...
13. Customers list
(Customers, partners and testimonials/Customers)
... cool interactive services on DTT!   We gladly thank them as they have been choosing our solutions.  ...
14. Avalpa products for broadcasting
(Products and services/Avalpa answers)
... on tv (user manual). You can test it online! Mhp - Mheg5 - HbbTv - Ginga  server, enabling your tv network to interactivity. You can easily distribute interactive advertisement, OTT VOD launcher, games, ...
15. OpenCaster 3.2.2: the free digital tv software
(Technologies/Free software)
... conversion tools 24fps support DST automatic management example The 2.5 features include: improved DSMCC carousel optimization balancing file updates and compression Ginga and HbbTV interactive ...
16. Consultancy and training
(Products and services/Avalpa answers)
... courses are: Digital television the technical and commercial basics (MPEG, DVB, ...) Inside Interactive TV services and technologies Next generation broadcasting  ...
17. Cineca JTVOS
(Web Links / Free software)
A faboulous middleware for interactive digital televisio STB. It works better on some PowerPc based gears. ...
18. MHP interactive tv standards
(Web Links / Standard bodies and fora)

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