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1. MHEG applications
(Products and services/Avalpa answers)
MHEG-5, the UK standard for interactive digital tv is well spread in many places of the world. Lot's of tv sets and decoder are compliant with such a robust and powerful technology; the latest features ...
2. OpenCaster bundle with USB modulator card
(Products and services/Avalpa answers)
... Registered users CAN send hints about preferred new features. Write us and don't be shy! Since first of September 2013, you can easily purchase a bundle solution of¬†OpenCaster, the latest 3.2 version ...
3. Opencaster demo roll..
(Technologies/Free software)
... stream for digital television generated by Avalpa's OpenCaster, it features, apart the usuale SI info, a MPTS with audio/video services and some value added metadata, the file is almost 1GB one service ...
4. OpenCaster goes in Colombia
(News/Press & Media)
It's not that long that Colombia decided to go DVB-T for their digital television switch-over. These days, they are of course evaluating all the exciting features of digital television and interactive ...
5. OpenCaster 3.2.2: the free digital tv software
(Technologies/Free software)
... or corrected. In the new 3.2 features there's: integration with Hides Avalpa USB DVB-T device bundle ATSC support tables for EIT/ETT (and TVCT MGT) support for python 2.6 and¬†Debian 7.0 many ...
... recognizes the value of our strategy, means to potential customers that this software worths something for real, as other companies are investing on it maybe we get something back, like new added features, ...
7. Twenty / Eighty
(About Avalpa/Mantra)
... of the always valid rule that with just the 20% of features, you are already catching the 80% potential customers. So don't run for more features than those first 20%, or they'll be outraougeously expensive ...
8. Power & Control
(About Avalpa/Mantra)
Power and control are two features you'll never enjoy completely when they don't come together. To have the former and not the latter is like run on a fast Ferrari (TM) on the passenger seat. You never ...

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