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1. back from Devcon 2014
(News/Avalpa announce)
The last Ebu Devcon2014 has been really an interesting experience. Lot's of great guys to talk with and something hot starting from this brainstorming. We are going to see some real stuff out of this, ...
2. Testimonials
(Customers, partners and testimonials/Customers)
... businesses that apply technology in innovative ways to improve the customer experience and grow. Avalpa has been selected as one of the ten italian finalists for the 2009 edition. Lorenzo ...
3. Avalpa Tv Apps
(Products and services/Avalpa answers)
... and information to your audience         Application manager: so many services they are too confusing, how to present them? An application launcher should invite the user the new experiences ...
... resources. Internet is a personalized experience and TV network are naturally broadcast. Then the fruition model is  different then the living room. That's standard stuff for someone. Crazy anarchy ...
5. Avalpa is born
(News/Avalpa announce)
... of investment, in term of better quality, newer advanced services and lower costs too. Both partners have been succesfully working since 2004 in the digital television market during their previous experience; ...
6. Keep it simple, stupid!
(About Avalpa/Mantra)
Keep it simple stays for "don't complicate things if it's not necessary". Here at Avalpa, we have a long and successful experience in project management and we always find, at wrap-up time, that every ...
Avalpa really believes that television can become useful again.. Yes, we already know that tv viewing is an addictive experience and too many people are spending the most of their life in front of a tv ...
8. Introduction to Avalpa
(About Avalpa/Vision)
... and Jet Hope you'll join us, if you want to get similar achievements and feel the same fresh experience that we are enjoying everyday. Andrea and Lorenzo  ...

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