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1. MHEG applications
(Products and services/Avalpa answers)
... what MHEG5 is worth and eventually get in touch with Avalpa staff to look for some good development skills and/or training for your staff.          ...
2. Avalpa at Smau 2011
(News/Avalpa announce)
... that's steadily growing. OpenCaster and Avalpa-J, the Java middleware for STB: they are fully fledge workhorses for a powerful and accountable complete platform for interactive digital tv. At this event ...
3. Opencaster demo roll..
(Technologies/Free software)
...  service names and logical channel numbering information EPG events teletext pages What is special about this? The transport stream was generated by a single stop solution: OpenCaster ...
4. Avalpa at R2B 2012 fair in Bologna
(News/Avalpa announce)
Next month, we are presenting at the Smau/R2B event in Bologna, held the 6-7 of June 2012. We are going to present our portfolio of digital television solutions that's starting to become impressive (and ...
5. Avalpa @LSM 2012 in Geneva
(News/Avalpa announce)
Next month, we are presenting our open source proposition for interactive digital tv at LSM2012 event in Geneva, running from 7 to 12 of July 2012. The large event at 13th edition is expecially focused ...
6. Avalpa @LSM 2012 the wrap up..
(News/Avalpa announce)
The last 11 July we presented our open source proposition for interactive digital tv at LSM2012 event in Geneva. That large event at 13th edition was especially focused on open source & digital media ...
7. Avalpa @EBU DevCon 2014 in Geneva
(News/Avalpa announce)
Next week, we are going to present our open source proposition for interactive digital tv at EBU  DevCon 2014 event in Geneva, running from 30 September to 1st of October 2014. EBU is the European union ...
... the ubiquitous digital television. Let's hope to do well also with the "Open Innovation Award", too.. but it seems a tough fight! So if you want to meet us, please join the event and let us know when ...
9. OpenCaster goes in Colombia
(News/Press & Media)
... at  Alcazar digital, a recent event about digital television in Spain. As you can see in slide 13, OpenCaster is the building block for a time- and cost-effective, reliable and accountable interactive ...
10. Avalpa products for broadcasting
(Products and services/Avalpa answers)
... is now possible to improve your digital mux services with: Electronic program guide, to present a detailed schedule of next events in your tv network, so people could know in advance what to expect ...
11. Avalpa Tv Apps
(Products and services/Avalpa answers)
...          Mosaic: we can offer u all the kind of mosaic: live images, logos, screenshots, audio change, really, whatever...         Event related applications: add more fun ...
12. OpenCaster 3.2.2: the free digital tv software
(Technologies/Free software)
... television solution. BTW also real time event insertion is supported albeit it's a bit tricky and acually not for the faint of heart! OpenCaster ver 1.0 has been released the 20 June 2008 This time ...
13. Consultancy and training
(Products and services/Avalpa answers)
... the one based on DVB and IP. We are committed to stay on the bleeding edge of this environment and we struggle everyday to master the technology, study the solutions available and eventually implement ...

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