Opencaster demo roll..

Big Buck Bunny DVDAs we have been asked by many to provide some sample stream featuring all the bell and whistles of an OpenCaster based environment, here we are distributing such a test set.

OpenCasterDemo is a transport stream for digital television generated by Avalpa's OpenCaster, it features, apart the usuale SI info, a MPTS with audio/video services and some value added metadata, the file is almost 1GB

  • one service with an example MHP application,
  • one service with HD H264 24p  and DD 5.1 audio
  • one service with HbbTv remote application signal
  • one service with  MHEG application
  • one service with 4 teletext demo pages
  • one service with sd h264
  • EPG P/F for all the services
  • Logical Channel Numbering
  • Time information

How to watch it:

The transport stream is ready to be broadcasted with a DVB-T modulator using QAM 16, guard interval 1/4 and code rate 2/3,you can watch on your tv or stb.

You can play it on pc by VLC or streamed on IP setting bitrate at 13271000 bps.

For such a setup, OpenCaster was provided with the following files:

  • Mpeg2 video and audio files as program stream (like DVD files) or elementary stream (from offline encoders)
  • H264 videos as MPEG Program Elementary Stream from x264
  • A directory with the MHP application (Java classes, .gif and .jpeg, etc..)
  • A directory with the MHEG5 application (MHEG5 files, png, etc...)
  • A python textual description of:
    • service names and logical channel numbering information
    • EPG events
    • teletext pages

What is special about this?

  1. The transport stream was generated by a single stop solution: OpenCaster is a unique software that alone can generate such a complex transport stream without requiring integration of software and hardware by different partners
  2. The transport stream was generated by open source software: OpenCaster is open source and let you control every single bit it outputs
  3. The transport stream is industrial grade: OpenCaster generates a transport stream without any error or warning regarding etr 101 290 or PCR issues.

Let's hope  you'll find this stream test enlightning, of course if you find bug or issues, please let us know.

Now download this stream and test it now!

Let's thank the blender people for their Big Buck Bunny animation movie. What a great achievememt for creative people and for the open source and free tools used there!

Have fun!