MHEG applications

mheg card solitaire MHEG-5, the UK standard for interactive digital tv is well spread in many places of the world. Lot's of tv sets and decoder are compliant with such a robust and powerful technology; the latest features added being the video on demand (VOD) service for hybrid tv sets, called MHEG-IC and well deployed thanx to services as BBC iPlayer.

With Mheg, there's a small issue, anyway. The standard is supposed to be a bit difficult to program and so not many apps are being developed. We are here to change such a situation. Everybody would be able to develop and deploy new MHEG5 apps.

In fact, Avalpa, as a global player in the interactive tv world, has been involved in some MHEG5 development too and now it's time to share our achievement. If you want to know more about it, please contact us.

Here it's a small demo roll that will show you what we are talking about. You can easily transmit as DVB-T mux (QAM16, GI 1/4, FEC 2/3)


This demo file will show a couple of interesting apps:


  • on ch1 a sample video on demand test using MHEG-IC
  • on ch2 the traditional card solitaire game. the one most used to play on computer!

These apps are written from scratch, in few text files, in a someway manageable way, using an Avalpa's open source preprocessor that helps a lot about design and following the program flow. So it's easy to modify code, debug errors, maintain code and insert embedded documentation. Please take a look to the pre-processor manual for further details.

mheg vod appThe MHEG-IC video apps is very simple and just let you watch the renowned Big Buck Bunny video (thank for Blender to put it as a free content) from our server, if you have a hybrid tv set compliant with MHEG-IC and connected to internet too.

If you don't have a connected tv set, it will tell you and try to wait a bit about the link to be up.







solitaire card gameThe solitaire card game is quite a complex application. As it's written in MHEG, the source code shows how complex state machines can be implemented reliably. Please check in the Avalpa reserved area the package with the source code so you can get an idea about how it's written.








mheg debugIf you press the blue button you'll see something about the connection status. We tested this app on Samsung and Sony recent tv sets. Feel free to test on other tv sets or decoder and please send us the report about it.

We hope this demo will help you understand what MHEG5 is worth and eventually get in touch with Avalpa staff to look for some good development skills and/or training for your staff.