OpenCaster bundle with USB modulator card

Finally, in 2013, playing with interactive digital television has become suitable for ALL the budgets.

simply BREAKTHROUGH!! With less then 200$ (and way less EURO!!), you can purchase the OpenCaster BUNDLE Dongle here.

Let's proudly present the latest achievement along the process of commoditization of interactive digital tv.

Some proceedings of the sales will further enhance OpenCaster development. Registered users CAN send hints about preferred new features. Write us and don't be shy!

Since first of September 2013, you can easily purchase a bundle solution of OpenCaster, the latest 3.2 version newly released together with the smallest and cutiest dongle (depicted in the photo) you can think about for getting a digital tv signal directly into your local antenna cabling and into all your tv sets at the same time.

This is such a greatest achievement that we can't realize all the potential outcomes of this powerful bundle. Let's greet the guys from Hides, a Taiwan company for the massive breakthrough.

With this DVB-T modulator dongle and OpenCaster 3.2 you'll be ready to roll an interactive digital tv station directly in your living room. Develop, test and deploy interactive tv services in a minute following the thorough manual; Hbbtv, MHP and MHEG5.

With less then 200$ (and way less EURO!!), you can purchase the OpenCaster BUNDLE Dongle here.

These are all the goodies you'll get with this purchase:

  • you'll quickly receive the full package at home, a powerful DVB-T modulator USB device and CD with OpenCaster 3.2 and the crafted tsrfsend application (all source available)
  • you'll become a valued registered user of the OpenCaster software.
  • you'll gain email assistance from the Avalpa staff about tech topics.
  • today you can get to the support forum too
  • you'll help OpenCaster being updated to greatest features and listed on the Opencaster supporter page (only if you like!).

We greatly appreciate your commitment and hope this to become the next breakthrough for a digital television solution for the masses.