Embrace the shift

If there's something hard learned in ICT, is that everything is changing night and day: new technologies, new people, new ideas, new stuff, always cheaper and more pervasive then before.

At Avalpa, we bet that we'll survive only if we'll embrace a changing mood. Maybe we'll face tough times but if we keep in mind that there's no safe harbour, we'll find the energy to keep floating.

The big dilemma is how to give the same confidence to our partners and customers. It's that easy for start up as we are, but it's a bit difficult for long time players who care for stability, for the smoothest path in a stormy day. Yep those times are gone.

We have in front of us many challenges.. for example, a strained environment, too people starving, stressed living, and innovators, in the end, have to find solutions or practical answers to improve total quality of life. No compromise.

In our point of view, the first of these answers is getting everything digital as soon as possible.