Customers list

Some people we are making business with..

Here it is a list of some customers who have been acquiring some goods or services from Avalpa.

Logo Cineca

Cineca is the leading inter-university consortium in Italy
logo Ericsson Ericsson enables digital comunications through the widest range of advanced solutions and devices
Logo Infn
Infn is one of the leading italian research institute
Logo Inteco

The National Institute of Communication Technologies (INTECO), promoted by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade, is a platform for the development of the Knowledge Society through projects in the area of innovation and technology.

Logo Lepida Spa Lepida SpA: the operating tool promoted by the Emilia-Romagna Region for the planning, development and management of its Partners' Telecommunication infrastructures


Rete Veneta: the inter-regional news broadcaster for the dynamic Italian north est

Logo Sysdata Sysdata  Italia is a long time player in the italian ICT field. Avalpa is providing the digital television technology for their Digital signage solution.
Logo Soundportal Soundportal: one of the  most cool digital radio in Austria!
Logo TcaTv TCA TV: the regional television in Trentino Alto Adige, delivering cool interactive services on DTT!


We gladly thank them as they have been choosing our solutions.