Avalpa proudly release many of its software components as Free and Open source products for many good reasons like giving our customers a complete insurance as they "control" the assets they purchase from us and move the market steadily forward innovation-wise as there's no more need to redo the basic stuff and anyone can really grow on top of each other development and focus on its own added value.

So there are many companies doing internal use of our tools and some doing some serious revenues too (you know who you are!).

This is the name of the game in the open source development model strategy!

Here you'll find a list of reference companies giving us credit about our open source commitment and quality of the tools, too.

If you like to give back something and be listed here, please write us an email with your succesful usage of our solutions.

Reference and testimonial list
logo acm "An open source software framework for DVB-* transmission" Acm paper presented jointly with ftw. Telecommunications Research Center Vienna, Vienna, Austria at 16th ACM international conference on Multimedia Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Dell SBEA Finalist

The Dell Small Business Excellence Award honors businesses that apply technology in innovative ways to improve the customer experience and grow.

Avalpa has been selected as one of the ten italian finalists for the 2009 edition.

logo java

Lorenzo Pallara (one of the Avalpa founders) gave a talk in January 2008 in Santa Clara about our digital television projects: "Lorenzo Pallara has a Masters Degree from the University of Bologna in Computer Science and is working at Cineca in Research and Development Digital Television Lab. His recent project work includes JustDVB-it, an open source mpeg2 transport stream data manipulator and JTVOS."

logo mhp the official blog of the MHP project made a news about T-islessia, an outstanding interactive television service made by Venturi and Pallara between 2004 and 2007: "T-islessia is a healthcare/social service provided through Interactive TV, developed by a team now with Avalpa Digital Engineering when they worked with CINECA, an interuniversity consortium."
logo optivamedia

"Opencaster has turned into one of the principal tools of the Optivamedia DTV Technologies  laboratory . In a effective, simple form and low cost Opencaster  allows us to train our new operations engineers; to simulate broadcast environments with equipments of several manufacturers in order to facilitate the tests and demos to our clients; and to create a complete test environment for our R&D engineers.

In addition, its open source philosophy allows our engineers to realize modifications to adapt Opencaster to our R&D department needs

Luis Otero Gigirey Consultant  Optiva Media - 13.8.2009
Logo Osmosys

Osmosys, a company now folded back in the home group ADB Global, is a leading provider of Java-based middleware, applications, systems and services to the interactive television market.

"OpenCaster is an amazingly well-designed set of tools. From creating your own descriptors to multiplexing H.264 video streams, it lets you control the whole process of DVB stream generation. - Antoni Roszak, Osmosys"


Logo Bassnet Value added ICT service provider focuse on user experience and multi channel delivery.
code4tv logo

Code4tv is a recent company providing consultancy and training services; this is what it say about us: "it is good news for you that code4tv counts as a partner with one of the most experienced professionals in the ITV world: Avalpa"

teleyecla logo

TeleYecla is a long time Triple Play Operator in Yecla, a Spain town in the Murcia region; they found OpenCaster as  reliable and customizable PSI/SI table generator for feeding the network with the right tables for simplify usability and autoconfiguration on subscriber boxes. (September 2011)

technotrend logo

TechnoTrend Görler GmbH is a leading developer and provider of innovative digital technology, provides users with simple and high-quality use of digital television and value added services. Founded in Erfurt in 1990.

"I find OpenCaster really useful for generating DVB-SSU and SI/PSI test streams": Andreas Regel, Software Developer at TechnoTrend Görler GmbH

(October 2011)



Customers list

Some people we are making business with..

Here it is a list of some customers who have been acquiring some goods or services from Avalpa.

Logo Cineca

Cineca is the leading inter-university consortium in Italy
logo Ericsson Ericsson enables digital comunications through the widest range of advanced solutions and devices
Logo Infn
Infn is one of the leading italian research institute
Logo Inteco

The National Institute of Communication Technologies (INTECO), promoted by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade, is a platform for the development of the Knowledge Society through projects in the area of innovation and technology.

Logo Lepida Spa Lepida SpA: the operating tool promoted by the Emilia-Romagna Region for the planning, development and management of its Partners' Telecommunication infrastructures


Rete Veneta: the inter-regional news broadcaster for the dynamic Italian north est

Logo Sysdata Sysdata  Italia is a long time player in the italian ICT field. Avalpa is providing the digital television technology for their Digital signage solution.
Logo Soundportal Soundportal: one of the  most cool digital radio in Austria!
Logo TcaTv TCA TV: the regional television in Trentino Alto Adige, delivering cool interactive services on DTT!


We gladly thank them as they have been choosing our solutions.