Slashdotted, more or less..

video wallIt seems this Interactive tv is getting frequently on mainstream news, this time from the security point of view..  and OpenCaster is THE key tool there too! ADAPTABILITY, that's what open source and free software is all about.

As more and more sold tv sets are Smart TV and being CONNECTED to the net, they are becoming potential point of attack for exploit. At next Usenix 2014, later in August, the Columbia Network Security Lab is presenting a paper where they show theory and practice of attack surfaces of the connected tv. And Opencaster is key tool for the practice chapter, of course.

The news got on Slashdot too..



..luckily enough there's no direct Avalpa link there, otherwise our hosting service provider would be ringing to our door pretty hungry! :-)

Anyway, let me tell you another key  resource is the DVB-T modulator dongle  made by Hides for  ~100$ , bu the Opencaster bundle so we'll be happy too.

Now that you are hooked, let review the CNSL paper pdf we are talking about and start hacking.. of course everything you are doing is your sole responsibility.. so please play fair and for educational purposes only! :-)