Avalpa @EBU DevCon 2014 in Geneva

EBUDeviCon 2014 logoNext week, we are going to present our open source proposition for interactive digital tv at EBU  DevCon 2014 event in Geneva, running from 30 September to 1st of October 2014.

EBU is the European union of public broadcasters. The large event is especially focused on open source & digital media. Here's the program.

We'd like to warmly thanx the committee for the selection.

During the workshop, to be held the 30 morning, we are going to present our digital television solution that's starting to be well spread in the broadcasting world. OpenCaster is becoming the fully fledge workhorse for a powerful platform for doing datacast and interactive digital tv (as the HbbTV services are steaming up..).

We'd be very happy to meet you there, both for "business" meeting or for having some good time with old friends and new ones too. Write me at a.venturi (at) avalpa.com or phone me at +393477142994 to arrange a meeting!

Register now and see you there!