Greetings for new year 2009..

2008, this first year for Avalpa Digital Engineering is finally over.

We have done a great deal of things, because a start up is always quite a daunting task, but it has been quite an exciting endeavour, let me tell you!

We'd like to make our warmest greetings, for a happy New Year 2009, to all the people out there, expecially to our customers who have been so kind to trust Avalpa (we hope they enjoy our commitment to customer satisfaction) and testimonials who acknowledge the quality of our products.

We know that 2009 is going to be another though year, digital television is taking off and spreading all over like a wildfire, as the switch over timeline is going on and on.

This challenge keeps us very focused not only to delivery again the greatest technological innovation in the digital television field but also to enable our customers deploy the most useful services for the real people out there.

So let cheers together and happy new year again from Avalpa people..