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Opencaster demo roll..

Big Buck Bunny DVDAs we have been asked by many to provide some sample stream featuring all the bell and whistles of an OpenCaster based environment, here we are distributing such a test set.

OpenCasterDemo is a transport stream for digital television generated by Avalpa's OpenCaster, it features, apart the usuale SI info, a MPTS with audio/video services and some value added metadata, the file is almost 1GB

  • one service with an example MHP application,
  • one service with HD H264 24p  and DD 5.1 audio
  • one service with HbbTv remote application signal
  • one service with  MHEG application
  • one service with 4 teletext demo pages
  • one service with sd h264
  • EPG P/F for all the services
  • Logical Channel Numbering
  • Time information
DvbWorld 2010 presentation

Andrea speaking an DvbWorldAs we told you some time ago, Avalpa people gave a talk at last DvbWorld 2010. It was quite a rewarding moment after all the efforts of the last 6 years. Thank to the committe people for the invitation.

Here there's the presentation. I hope you'll enjoy it: beware, you'll find some spicy words.. i did want people in the audience to stay awake, and after the lunch it's always a difficult task! ;-)

Introduction to Avalpa

Television is going digital. We have the mission to improve it, with advanced, better, simpler, more dynamic technologies in a free software sauce. Avalpa is the next step..

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