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Missing packages in my DVB-T bundle
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Author:  csete [ Tue Mar 18, 2014 11:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Missing packages in my DVB-T bundle


I purchased a UT-100C / opencaster bundle last year and the device is working fine. The accompaning USB stick contains a bunch of windows applications and the linux SDK, but no opencaster :(

I didn't relaly mind because I could get the opencaster sources from the Debian servers; however, as I understand now from another thread, the bundle should also include a tsrfsend application which is not included in the opencaster sources on Debian. Could I somehow get a copy of the tsrfsend application?


Author:  aventuri [ Thu Mar 20, 2014 4:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Missing packages in my DVB-T bundle


sorry for the mistake. Hides people were supposed to put the tsrfsend tool in their packaging.

anyway i'll send you a PM with a web page for downloading it.



Author:  csete [ Fri Mar 21, 2014 1:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Missing packages in my DVB-T bundle

Hi Andrea,

I have downloaded the packages, thanks! tsrfsend v1.0c works well with my device and driver v13.09.13.1

I found out about one thing, though. The g_ITEAPI_TxSendTSData() function seems to be non-blocking and it will return 0 if the TX buffer is full. Currently tsrfsend will exit if the return code is <= 0; however, a better strategy would be to wait some time and try again (like they do in the it950x_testkit_tx application):

            written = g_ITEAPI_TxSendTSData(write_buf, len, DevNo);
            if (written == 0) {
                /* TX buffer full; try again */
                goto rewrite_case;
            } else if (written < 0) {
                perror("send(): error ");
                completed = 1;
            } else {
                packet_time += TS_PACKET_SIZE * 8;

In any case, thanks for this great package. It works very well on linux.

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