Q: We are an ICT company and we'd like to adopt your software, can we do it?

A: Yes of course, free software is free for us and for you too. We think that the adoption of this free software and the value creation on top of it (feature, functionality and services like installation, documentation, server mainteinance, bug fixing and so on) are going to help us for many reasons.

These are the first few reasons we could think of:
  • it gives better visibility to our technology and achievement
  • recognizes the value of our strategy,
  • means to potential customers that this software worths something for real, as other companies are investing on it
  • maybe we get something back, like new added features, bug fixing, documentation and so on

we could just lose some money IF a potential customer is going to choose to get some services on our software from a thirdy party, but that would be just a sign that we are unable to create perceived value or to communicate it to the public in the right way.

Anyway, tell us if you think we are not that good on the market and let's see how things areĀ  going to develop..