Q: If you are an Italian company, why are you writing an english web site?

A: We like to believe we are starting a global business, and we have already proven it, running a global community based on Cineca free software projects. So we want as soon as possible try to reach and explain our value proposition to the broadest potential target for our services.

Of course, we would be very glad to find italian customers, and we are already actively looking for them. If you want to talk to us, italian is not only welcomed but it's also easier as it's our mothertongue.

Anyway we believe that trying to be more international is the way to go, as the technology is completely transparent and we want give Italy a leading edge in our commercial balance.

In the medium term, we plan anyway to make this web site a multi-language site, but as the human resources are actually overloaded, we need to prioritize other tasks.

In the contact Page, you can find already our email, skype and phone number for you to talk to us as soon as possible. Maybe you are already losing some business opportunity!