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21. Avalpa products for broadcasting
(Products and services/Avalpa answers)
Many broadcasters are already digital with the basic technology deployment: a DVB mux with video services packed together and a name sticked on it, thanks to a single Avalpa Broadcast Server rack solution ...
22. Avalpa Tv Apps
(Products and services/Avalpa answers)
Avalpa has a long history of TV apps development! You can grasp the compact brochure in english (or italian). Here follows some examples from different contexts:   Classical weather information: the ...
23. OpenCaster 3.2.2: the free digital tv software
(Technologies/Free software)
... or corrected. In the new 3.2 features there's: integration with Hides Avalpa USB DVB-T device bundle ATSC support tables for EIT/ETT (and TVCT MGT) support for python 2.6 and Debian 7.0 many ...
Avalpa has already validated its business model during a succesful competition for funding in the latest Mambo call for new projects and start ups. Here you can find the list of the winners published on ...
25. Avalpa info
(About Avalpa/Location)
  Avalpa Digital Engineering SRL Via dell'Arcoveggio 49/5 I-40129 Bologna P.IVA and C.F. 02831521204 You can contact Avalpa in many ways. Web site: Email address: ...
26. Avalpa is born
(News/Avalpa announce)
Bologna, 13 of March 2008 Andrea Venturi and Lorenzo Pallara have been lighing on Avalpa, a start up, based in Bologna, committed to help broadcasters to embrace digital television with the highest return ...
27. Embrace the shift
(About Avalpa/Mantra)
If there's something hard learned in ICT, is that everything is changing night and day: new technologies, new people, new ideas, new stuff, always cheaper and more pervasive then before. At Avalpa, we ...
28. If everything's under control..
(About Avalpa/Mantra)'re just not going fast enough! This renowned Mario Andretti motto well gives the feeling of the fast paced times in this digital convergence age. At Avalpa, we struggle to keep ourselves up to date ...
29. Keep it simple, stupid!
(About Avalpa/Mantra)
Keep it simple stays for "don't complicate things if it's not necessary". Here at Avalpa, we have a long and successful experience in project management and we always find, at wrap-up time, that every ...
30. Consultancy and training
(Products and services/Avalpa answers)
... have the feeling that we are not exploiting it completely. No one, alone, can cope with such a frenzyness; Avalpa will help you find the clue! Avalpa is focused on digital television technology, mainly ...
Avalpa really believes that television can become useful again.. Yes, we already know that tv viewing is an addictive experience and too many people are spending the most of their life in front of a tv ...
32. Introduction to Avalpa
(About Avalpa/Vision)
Television is going digital. We have the mission to improve it, with advanced, better, simpler, more dynamic technologies in a free software sauce. Avalpa is the next step.. ... Today, Avalpa comes ...
33. Info
(Contact / Corporate)
Info, General info about Avalpa,  ...
34. People
Find who's behind Avalpa soul. There's blood and sweat and tears (no, not really, at least up to now..) ...
35. Avalpa answers
We don't have answers for everything, so here you'll not find an encyclopedia if ICT solutions, but just the stuff that we think we can manage differently.
36. Avalpa announce
37. About Avalpa
38. FAQ
Frequently asked questions: you'll find here, in a concise way, the most requested info about Avalpa and our business in general. ...

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